A product of teen pregnancy, L.Y. grew up in a drug and crime infested project in Philadelphia, PA; escaped an unspeakable abusive relationship and put herself through 16 years of night school (sometimes with baby in tow) to earn multiple degrees including a MBA. Years later, when a health crisis threatened her work and life balance, L.Y. threw herself into the research of her first book, Color Me Butterfly—a book that has won ten awards, including the National ‘Best Books’ Award; and inspired her national nonprofit, Saving Promise.

The Manhattan Mercury refers to L.Y.’s work as “lyrical . . . thought provoking and emotionally wrenching.”

Her story would be notable enough given her tenacity to shatter the status quo. But it would be her courageous decision to walk away from a 20+ year corporate career to found Saving Promise, a national domestic violence prevention organization inspired by her family’s story of five generations of domestic violence, including her granddaughter, a little girl named Promise.

She shares this heartfelt and captivating journey of tragedy to triumph in her compelling and heart wrenching memoir: “Don’t Look at the Monster: One Woman’s Journey to Embrace a Purposeful Life.”

L.Y. is also the principal of the Harvard Learning Lab—a domestic violence research and development lab for domestic violence prevention, distinguished speaker, trainer and advocate, recipient of numerous leadership, engineering, project achievement and advocacy awards, acclaimed subject matter media commentator.

L.Y.’s story is the epitome of courage and determination.

Her moving and timely message—an ordinary woman with an extraordinary story—has made L.Y. sought-after by mass media and multiple public and private groups, organizations and conferences. A testament to the transformative power that will inspire audiences alike to confront their monsters and tap into their passion, purpose and power.

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L.Y. is a sought after domestic violence expert for conferences, forums, trainings and media.

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Saving Promise is a national domestic violence prevention nonprofit organization.

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