Deeply Compelling. Emotionally Engaging. Transformative!

Pioneered by the over-the-top and sassy L.Y. Marlow, after years of confronting her own monsters (and still do), Monster Chicks & Skits is a groundbreaking imaginative theatrical phenomenon that brings characters, puppets and comedy to life to help women uncover and confront their monsters—that means any fears, any challenges, any-body—that keeps them from embracing their passion, purpose and power!

It’s funny. It’s raunchy. It’s exhilarating. It’s awe-inspiring transcendent!

What The Chicks Up To…

Funny, raunchy, and exhilirating Xperiences (talks, conferences and special events) that unfolds using storytelling, puppets, props, sound and technology that will make women want to laugh, cry, scream and kick some monsters’ a**!

Building on the theme of the Xperience, the Podcast is where it all comes down. With grit, skits and real honest conversations (with an occasional guest or two), women won’t help but to listen in and take heed to their monsters.

If you think The Podcast is a blast, wait until you see it in real live action on the Chicks Channel. There’s no telling what the chicks are up to—it all depends on what monster sh** Fear is triggering now.

Meet The Chicks.

L.Y. Marlow adopted her name after reading about J.K. Rowling. With a little ingenuity (very little), and a two-bit desire to bust out a Harry Potter book with the same zeal as J.K., she swamped the full spelling of her name, then magic happened. More of her story

Fear is a bully. With her slick-witted charm, there’s no extent to which she will go to convince you of her tactics —and all things fear. And when you try to outsmart her, she’s lures in other monsters like Worry and Doubt.

Doubt wavers between Fear and Worry, one day she’s up, the next day she’s down, shifting from one mind wrecking thought to the next. If you think Doubt is a dream-buster then you don’t want to miss her in action.

Worry is an over-the-top pessimist always thinking of the worst-case scenario. And when she gets all up in her head allowing her thoughts and emotions to control her, she triggers other monsters like Anxiety and Regret.